With the advancement of technology and the availability of the fastest internet connections at our disposal, the entire world is virtually at our fingertips. Due to these innovations, the concept of globalisation emerged and the world is getting more and more integrated with every passing day, so that we are now the citizens of the global village. This integration process with the help of these technological tools gave rise to the e-commerce, a virtual space where buyers and sellers exchange goods and services. On the one hand, this market is booming in different countries, on the other, it has not yet realised its full potential in Pakistan.In advanced countries, e-commerce has almost replaced the traditional markets by offering online goods and services. For instance, Alibaba, Amazon, etc. are connecting buyers and sellers by providing them space at their platforms, which has also facilitated the consumers to seek the products of their choice at the most competitive rates and even without physically visiting the markets. More often than not, the consumers have to struggle to find the products of their choice keeping in view the variety, price and quality. They run up to many shops and markets in search and procurement of that article. Thus, e-commerce has facilitated acquiring that product with one click on our computer screens or by one phone call, as e-commerce and tele-business are interlinked. Not to speak of saving-time. After all, “time is like money or even more precious than that”.

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