The expression “brand” has gotten one of those words that has moved itself into the blessed corridors of business language because of its universality and, to be honest, abuse. In the event that we had a bitcoin for each time we heard the expression “brand”, we’d be web tycoons, yet a progressively worthwhile circumstance would be in the event that we had a bitcoin for each time we heard a misperception about what marking is, at that point we could purchase the whole web. It may be simpler to begin with what a brand ISN’T.

A Brand is Not: 

  • your logo
  • your tagline
  • your product
  • or your service

All of these things can be expressions of your brand but they are not your brand.

Branding is about the guarantee of an unmistakable, essential encounter. It’s tied in with making a desire and conveying it reliably every opportunity anybody comes into contact with your brand whether it’s the manner in which you pick up the phone, how your site functions, your client support process, how your office looks or how your item or administration performs. It’s the manner by which you cause your clients to feel about themselves and their choices when they are associating with your brand. It’s the reason you shop at store A versus store B regardless of whether the cost or item probably won’t be that entirely different.

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